Mango Morning “Sangria”


Have I told you that mango is my MOST favourite fruit? I guess I have 😀  Too bad we’re not having mango season in Indonesia right now. But as I’m easy to please, my mango craving actually could be cured by having a good shop-bought carton mango juice. In fact, I have to have this kind of juice sitting in my fridge on a daily basis.

Few days ago, I tried to make something “special” with this mango juice. I’m in the need of a good mood booster to face Monday morning, and this treat always helps. This easy-to-make recipe will cause no mess in your hectic morning. You actually just have to chop some fruits and plunge them in the mango juice, or whatever juice you like. Breakfast is served and everyone’s happy! Well who doesn’t love to have a glass of colourful fruits floating on sweet refreshing juice as their breakfast? My husband called this as mango “sangria”, cause the floating fruits remind us of the famous beverage from Spain 😀

I decided to bring this “sangria” to my office. Hope that it will avoid me from munching unhealthy snacks before lunch time 😀  To store my “sangria”, I use my trustworthy Bisfree bottle from Lock & Lock. This eco-friendly product uses BPA free material made of “Tritan”, a copolyester material that is safe for humans and the environmental and spotlighted as a new generation of safe plastics. Ever since my son was born, I tried my best to use only BPA free containers to store foods and/or drinks. There’s no doubt that we live in a plastic world. From the toothbrush, to the computer keyboard at the office. Everything is made from plastic. Until recently, the abundance of plastic wasn’t a pressing health concern, despite being on our environmental radar. Now a growing body of research links the chemicalBPA, commonly found in a variety of consumer products, to a range of human health problems, including a higher risk of certain cancers, reduced fertility, birth defects and diabetes ( source: Neimark, Zandonella ).

Lucky me, I finally found the Bisfree products from Lock & Lock. My 480 ml Lock & Lock Bisfree water bottle is a perfect companion for my outdoor activities. It is the ultimate way to keep my water fresh and clean wherever I go and whenever I want.


Ingredients of Mango “Sangria”

–       Chopped fruits. Berries would be perfect, but you can also use apple, grape, kiwi, star fruit, lemon, or orange. But please, don’t use bananas. 😀

–       Mango juice, or whatever juice you like.


How to Make

Still don’t know how to make it? Just chopped your selected fruits, plunge them into your preferable juice, and…. that’s all you have to do! Take a sip and enjoy your morning! 😀



Mango Pudding for Your Little One

Mango is my MOST favorite fruit.  Too bad I cannot eat mangoes all year round. In Indonesia, mango season is usually around September till December. We can still meet mango when it’s out of season, but the sweetest one always grows during that months.

Yesterday morning, I bought 2 kilos of mangoes and felt so thrilled because they’re ULTRA sweet! ^_^  My son had never eaten mango before, so this is the best time to introduce him these lovely fruits. I made this pudding to get another variation. You know that kids are easily get bored with their foods? Besides, this pudding will last for 1 week in the fridge. No extra work in kitchen making dessert for few days! 😀

I got this recipe from MPASIRumahan‘s mailing list. It’s a group of lovely mommies who love their kids so much that they always try to feed their lovely ones with homemade foods (mommies’ foods, to be exact 😉 ).


  • 1 big, ripe, super sweet mango (It’s really important to get the sweetest mango. When it’s mixed with agar-agar powder and chilled in fridge, the sweet taste will be reduced)
  • 300 ml water / milk (For 1+ y.o babies, you can substitute the water with fresh milk to get creamier pudding)
  • half a pack of Agar-agar powder

How to Make 

  1. Peel, dice, and puree the mango until you get a smooth liquid. Add extra water if you find that the mango puree is too thick.
  2. Pour water into the saucepan and add the agar-agar powder. Bring to the boil while stirring every now and then.
  3. Wait until the agar-agar mixture get a lil bit cool, then pour the mango puree into that mixture. Mix well.
  4. Pour the pudding mixture to your favorite mold. Wait until they’re set. Chilled in fridge.


Note: You can serve this pudding with fruit sauce, or yoghurt, like I did yesterday ^_^


*Make 9 tiny puddings.


Easy Peasy White Pudding with Fruit Cocktail

This is my all time favorite dessert if I have guests coming around. When you have to entertain many people, all you need is easy and quick meal to be prepared. These puddings make no hassle in your kitchen, and one more thing to be considered: the ingredients are cheap! 😀 They will be true refreshments in your upcoming party!


  • 1 pack of Agar-agar Powder. Agar-agar powder is different from jelly powder like Jell-O. The result of Agar-agar pudding won’t be springy and chewy as the Jell-O ones.
  • 1 small can (385 gr) of White Condensed Milk.
  • Water. The amount will be described in the “how to make” session 😀
  • Mango or Orange Syrup, or any flavor you like.
  • Chopped Fruits. I use papaya, pineapple, and honeydew. You can use any fruits you like. Strawberry, kiwi, cherry, seedless grape, and mango are great options! But if you’re running out of times to chop the fruits, simply use canned Fruit Cocktail instead. Don’t forget to strain the canned fruits to separate them from its syrupy juice. It will be too sweet if you add all the juice to the cocktail.

How to Make

  1. Pour the condensed milk into the saucepan, and add back 5 cups of water from the can of the condensed milk. No need your measuring jug! And in this way, you can use every little drops of the milk. 😉
  2. Add the agar-agar powder into the pan, and bring to the boil while stirring every now and then.

    it’s ready to be poured into the cups

  3. Pour the pudding mixture to prepared cups (I use 5 cm/2 inch plastic pudding cups). Wait until they’re set.
  4. Meanwhile, prepare your fruit cocktail. Boil 500 ml of water in the pan. When it’s done, add your choice of syrup (I use mango syrup) to the boiled water (adjust the sweetness to your taste), and add the chopped fruits (or canned fruits) to the syrupy water. Let it cools in the fridge, so the fruits can absorb the syrup.
  5. When you’re puddings are set and ready, pour the small amount of fruit cocktail on top, including the syrupy water.
  6. Store them in fridge before serving.

    My mom ordered 125 cups of pudding. Thank God my fridge can accommodate them!

-makes 20 cups-