Free yourself from unsafe plastic containers!


Before my son is born, I didn’t have any knowledge at all about the safe and unsafe plastic food or water containers. I used to use whatever plastic containers that I thought has cute patterns (such a girly thing I know :p). When I was pregnant and looked for a good brand of baby bottle, I read in so many parenting forums or articles that whatever brand you’ll have, the most important thing is you should get the BPA free baby bottles. But what is BPA anyway?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a widely produced chemical used primarily for the production of polycarbonate plastics. The use of this chemical is so profound that it was detected in the urine in 93% of the population over 6 years of age. However, the health risks of BPA have been receiving considerable attention. It has long been known that previous studies done on lab animals showed that BPA could cause genetic damage. BPA has also been linked to cancer, diabetes, and obesity. High temperatures can cause BPA to leach into the food or beverage.* That’s why it’s not safe to use baby bottles made of BPA.


look at these adorable patterns! 😀

Now my son is not baby anymore and no longer using any baby bottles. But using BPA free plastic containers will always be my concern. Thank God that Lock & Lock introduced the Bisfree water bottle collection. Bisfree is a BPA free material made of “Tritan”. Tritan itself is a new material developed by a well-known chemical manufacturer, Eastman Chemical. It’s safe for humans and the environmental and spotlighted as a new generation of safe plastics. It has the plastic’s advantages of lightness and durability, plus high transparency similar to glass. And not only BPA free, these Bisfree water bottles from Lock & Lock also come in refined colour, sophisticated design, and very cuteee patterns! I squeal in delight seeing their wide range of colours and patterns. These bottles are great for outdoor activities as they have convenient carrying strap and grip bottle cap to make transporting them easy and comfortable.IMG_9431

I’ve already had a 480 ml Lock & Lock Bisfree water bottle with comes in a light green cap, blue carrying strap, and airplanes pattern (they call it “Gliding” pattern actually). My son has a big admiration to airplanes recently, that’s why he loves this bottle so much. But I have to admit that sometimes I sneakily borrow his bottle 😀 Just like I did this morning. Every Sunday morning in Jakarta is a car-free day that closes the main avenue of the city from cars. We love cycling, running, or just casually walking on the streets that normally full of cars and traffic. We brought my husband and my son’s folding bikes and I also didn’t forget to take my strawberry and lemon infused water stored inside the Lock & Lock Bisfree water bottle. This bottle really helps to keep my infused water safe, fresh and clean wherever I go! 😀





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