Mamaku Koki Handal and Lock & Lock COOKING CHALLENGE: An “Introduction”

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When I started this blog, my only aim was to preserve my recipe collection. I used to jot down the recipe on any random papers, and sadly, these papers were not collected properly. Much to my annoyance of the disorganized situation, I tried to gather all my recipes that can be found and re-typed them. And to make it even easier for me in looking for any recipe that I need, I made this blog and posted the recipe here. Never in my mind that my blog could be useful to enter some kind of  “cooking competition” 😀 . Remember about MpasiRumahan Mailing List? I once mentioned about them in this blog as one of my baby’s food recipe source. Well to be honest, I learned a LOT from this community about baby/toddler foods. They’ve been inspiring me in preparing my son’s dishes everyday. This community (also known as “Mamaku Koki Handal”), together with Lock & Lock (as the sponsor), held a cooking challenge specially appointed to members of the community who have cooking-related blogs. Luckily I have! 😀 In short, I was chosen as one of 10 finalists who could participate in the next step.

The next step is the most exciting one. Firstly, Lock & Lock will send all 10 finalists their newest product: Lock & Lock Glass. Lock & Lock Glass is made of high quality borosilicate glass. Borosilicate contains boric acid, which is highly heat resistant. Thus, borosilicate glass withstands sudden change in temperature. Lock & Lock heat resistant glass container can withstand temperatures up to 400℃ and can be microwave or oven heated straight out of the fridge. This allows for easy cooking, storage and reheating of food and leftovers.

locknlock glass

After receiving this product, all finalists are obliged to make their review using Lock & Lock Glass. We must post in our blog at least 3 recipes in which we will cook using the Lock & Lock Glass. Ahh… I’m so stoked!! Can’t wait till my Lock & Lock Glass arrives so I can start doing some cooking experiments using this product! 😀



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