Hello again!

Ah! Finally I can see you. Yes, you, blog. It’s been ages since my last writing *phew!*. Well, I was quite busy actually 😀   Having short-but-great holiday with my lil family, then being hospitalized for a week *sigh*, taking bed rest at home (for more than 2 weeks!), and having a blissful Eid al-Fitr at my husband’s village. Oh, and don’t forget to mention the nanny-less days after Eid al-Fitr. Then it comes to September! I was busy preparing my son’s first birthday party ;). It was super fun! Never knew that party preparation can be so addictive :D.

So this is it! I came back with some new recipes. I also decided to add baby’s food recipes here. As my baby is not ‘baby’ anymore. He is toddler on the move right now, and his appetite is no longer around baby porridge. Mum has to be more creative in the kitchen!