Cupcakes Series: A Note to Remember

I remember the first time I sold my very own cupcakes at my previous office two years ago. I brought just 10 cupcakes on the first day, thought that only few people would fancy those sweet little treats. I came very early, kept the box of cupcakes in office’s fridge, and then wrote an “advertisement” email to my closed office mates only. After clicked the “send” button, I waited in anxiety. Unexpectedly, my phone rang less than a minute after I sent my email. That was my friend, shouted excitedly. “I want your cupcakes! Keep it one for me!”. In half an hour, my cupcakes were sold out. 🙂

I continued selling cupcakes and muffins (though not regularly) at my office until resigned from my job, got married, and had a baby. Now I don’t always have much time to bake fancy cakes like these. But I want to share the recipes with you! 😀 I got my recipes from several sources, and those recipes are the best that I’ve ever tried. I’m still looking for other perfect cupcakes’ recipes, so please do not hesitate to share yours, too! 😀

Today I’ll post recipes of 3 basic cupcakes with two basic frostings. These recipes can be easily “mix n match” with any ingredients you have in your cupboard. Life cannot be easier and sweeter than before! 🙂


About Dinda

A mum, a home cook, and a notary-to-be. Hoping to open her very own cake shop.

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