Light Weight Stroller: Your Much-needed Item when Traveling with Baby

Having baby won’t stop you, parents, from traveling a lot. But of course, your luggage will increase (significantly) if you’re traveling with tiny babies (I mean, under 1 year-old). Her formula (if you’re not breastfeeding), bottles, baby foods, toiletries, extra clothes, toys, disposable diapers (but you can always buy these at your destination), and…the list goes on… One thing for sure, you want to bring the comfort of home to your holiday place.  Comfy baby = happy baby = happy parents = happy holiday. As simple as that!

One item that will help you much is…a stroller! Well yes, of course! This invention will help you (a lot) from gaining back pain after holding your baby all day long. A stroller is also a great portable baby cot, and a high chair too! You all know that feeding and sleeping time are the most important time for your babies’ growth.

With all those usefulness, you have to consider bringing the simplest stroller as you can get. Remember your extra luggage? Believe me, you don’t want to bring your Quinny Buzz inside and out the airplane. That heavy (and huge) buggy was draining my time. It’s hard to fold and unfold, not portable, and taking up much place in car’s rear baggage. It was finally end up useless. You have short time during your holiday. Complicated buggy just doesn’t suit you when you’re away. Save your expensive-good looking-buggy for strolling along the mall! 😉

Okay, enough for long preamble. Based on my experience with heavy buggy in my last holiday, am a lit bit obsessed to look for a PERFECT light weight stroller: a stroller which is specially dedicated for traveling!

Here are my specifications for my dream traveling stroller.

  1. Light Weight (of course!), no more than 6 kg.
  2. One-hand or easy folding.
  3. Self-standing fold.
  4. Compactly fold.
  5. Full recline seat
  6. Reversible seat
  7. Handle strap (or any kind of handle grip) for easy carrying
  8. Safety bar
  9. Large canopy
  10. Not (too) expensive! 😀

With so many options in the baby store, it doesn’t mean that my mission is accomplished easily. I want a stroller which has those 10 criteria, or at least 8 of 10. Below is MY review of some light weight stroller from various brands.

Quinny Zapp

Before my baby’s born, I am so in love with this stroller. It is the most compact stroller when folded and weighs precisely 6 kg! It’s ultra stylish, and has various vibrant colors. But on the other side, this stroller has only one seat position. No reclining! I can imagine the uncomfortable sleep my baby will have. 😦

Later on, Quinny introduced Quinny Zapp Xtra, which features full recline and reversible seat. But oh no! Those features “eliminate” Quinny Zapp’s ultra compact folding frame.

Quinny Zapp Xtra when it’s folded. The seat cannot be folded. Looks like carrying a surfing board.
Pic’s taken from

To sum up, this stroller only fulfills criteria number: 1 , 3, 4,  and 7.

Maclaren Quest

Honestly, am not really fond of Maclaren strollers. But as I was on the mission looking for the best lightweight stroller, I also made a “research” upon this stroller. It weighs around 5.5 kg, and has 4 seat position 😀 It also has handle strap for easy carrying. But…Maclaren is a compact umbrella stroller. Umbrella stroller cannot stand-alone when folded.

See? Umbrella stroller cannot stand up alone. I hate to lay it down on the floor like this.
Pic’s taken from how_to_unfold_and_fold_maclaren_stroller_step_by_step

To sum up, this stroller only fulfills criteria number: 1 , 2,  4, 5,  7, and 9.

Peg Perego Pliko Mini

It only weighs 5.7 kg. It is sooo easy to fold (using one hand only!) and it can stand up alone (when folded). Its backrest can recline to more than 150′ though it’s not reversible. Ah, I’m quite satisfied! Until I realized that my baby (now 9 month-old) still needs a safety bar which bears his seat..and this stroller doesn’t have one 😦

Love it! Too bad it doesn’t have a safety bar.
Pic’s taken from

To sum up, this stroller only fulfills criteria number: 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5,  7, 9, and 10.

Aprica Karoon

Well well.. this is the lightest stroller ever!! Weighs only 3.6 kg but can be used up to 15 kg-toddler. I thought I finally found my dream traveling stroller as it fulfills most of the criteria! It has large canopy, full recline and (yes!) reversible seat, safety bar (yaay..!!), and can stand up alone (when folded). Despite its price that out of my budget (Aprica is quite expensive here in Indonesia), I really heart this pretty stroller (it has cute colors and patterns) and am so eager to buy it! But..husband doesn’t really like its not-so-compact-frame when folded. And it also doesn’t have a strap for easy carrying. Ouch..seems I have to keep this stroller only in my dream 😦

Here’s how it looks like when folded.
Pic’s taken from小b波的新座車

To sum up, this stroller only fulfills criteria number: 1 , 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9.

Combi Well Lite TJL-250

Actually, I accidentally found this stroller. I didn’t know much about Combi until Kei’s Nanny told me about this. Her previous boss used Combi for his son, and she loved the simplicity.

Well it’s true! Most of Combi strollers are compact and stand-alone when folded, have a large canopy, full recline seat, safety bar, big basket, and strap for easy carrying. Combi has various type of stroller, and Combi Well Lite TJL-250 is the lightest. It weighs only 4.5 kg and can be used up to 15 kg-toddler. But this type doesn’t have reversible seat. Well, you can’t have it all, darling :). Considering all my criteria on traveling stroller, I’m happy to announce that my mission is accomplished!

To sum up, this stroller fulfills criteria number: 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10!

Here are some pics of MY Combi Well Lite.

You should see my happy face! 😀

front view

back view

Side view. You can see its full-recline seat and large canopy. My baby will sleep well 🙂

folded front view

folded side view


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6 responses to “Light Weight Stroller: Your Much-needed Item when Traveling with Baby

  1. mrsstokes

    this is just what I am looking for – the combi lite stroller! Would you mind shared roughly how much it is and where you recommend getting it from? Many thanks!

    • Hello! I’m really sorry cannot reply you earlier 😦 Combi well Lite costs around USD 200 in Indonesia. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia by the way ;), I got my Combi from the nearest baby shop here :). If you want to buy it online, Amazon also has several Combi collections. Hope you can find it! 🙂

  2. mitha nanya donk..itu combi well lite-nya beli dmn y mbak?..thanks 🙂

    • Haloo 🙂 Aku beli Combi kemarin di The Children’s Store FX. Selain di The Children’s Store (Ada di Pacific Place, Senayan City, dan Mall FX), Merk Combi juga ada di Toko Bayi “Kasih Ibu” di ITC Mangga Dua, Mall of Indonesia, atau Mall Kelapa Gading. HTH yaa 🙂

      • mitha

        Ooo..ada y?..kmrn liat2 di children store fx naksirnya ma combi well comfort liat nih yg well lite..ntr deh kpn2 mampir2 kesana lg..makasih infonya y mbak 🙂

  3. lenny

    Mau dijual ga combi well litenya?? Kl mau dijual email ke aku ya mba.thx

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